Death / Grief

To My Dead Grandmother on Mother’s Day

Hey Grams, there’s been so much goodness since you died. Kai got a new job, which means more time home with his family, I know you were praying for that to happen. I’m five weeks out from summer, and signed up to write a book. Maybe I’ll include that poem I wrote you in high school. It’s been unseasonably warm, and the Mariners are kicking ass. Maybe this will be their year, though I’ll always think of bubblegum and Boone and chubinicks. We’re going to Vegas again to celebrate the end of busy season, and our friends are coming wine tasting in Yakima again. Mom is preparing herself to watch 3 boys for an afternoon. I think she’ll secretly enjoy herself, even if it’s crazy. Al hosted a Mother’s Day lunch, and mom loved it. I’m sad I couldn’t be there. I’m even more sad that you couldn’t be there. It’s not the same without you around. We’ve used up a freezer jam, which means we only have four left. What are we going to do then?
There’s been more moments of sweetness and smiles than sadness, but I have to be honest, those have happened too. I came across an email you sent me a few years ago, when I was in school. I can’t believe you’re gone.
Happy Mother’s Day. Do they celebrate in heaven?



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