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10 Days Late

I missed her birthday by ten days, not that it matters because she’s dead. But I thought this year I’d be different, certain it was 4/30. I even prepared my tears. And almost sent out “dead grandparent dinner” invitations. I’d serve lasagna. Guests could bring a dish made with grief and handwritten recipe cards. Instead … Continue reading

A Goodbye Letter to my Grandma
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A Goodbye Letter to my Grandma


This Christmas, before we got to open presents, you and I sat on the couch in my parent’s living room. I was showing you the picture book I had made mom, and you seemed so happy to see all the pictures of kiddo and how big he’s gotten in just the past twelve months. And then you stopped on a page, looked up at me and said excitedly, “oh, you put these in here!” Continue reading